The Top Small Business Facebook Pages for 2012

For the last few years, Social Media Examiner has invited small businesses to submit their Facebook pages for inclusion in the best small business Facebook pages of the year.  The 2012 results are in and here are some highlights originally published in the Social Media Examiner blog.

The interesting thing is, these businesses are all over the map, from How to Market Your Horse Business to a pool supply company.  The social media experts who judged the pages looked at landing pages, engagement, use of clever promotions and fan involvement.   Let’s look at some of the highlights.

How to Market Your Horse Business

When you type this business into Google the first listing that appears is the Facebook page.  Ah, the power of social media in search listings!

The first thing I noticed on the Facebook page was the mention of the small business page award in the cover photo.  Smart!

horse marketing1 The Top Small Business Facebook Pages for 2012

Now whether you like these graphics or not, (they are a little busy) you will see some Facebook strategies at work on the page.  The engagement and original posts by fans is extensive!  Fans are sharing tips and ideas on marketing for horses in a big way.  This of course means the fan demographic is dead on and the company did a good job of targeting the right people – which is extremely important for all companies on Facebook.

Maybe one reason original posts by fans is such a high number is another tactic:  clever use of applications.  One of the applications awards points, gifts, perks and more for being a top fan of the page.  Again kudos on this one!

Another clever application is used weekly for a real time chat room with an expert in the horse world.  If you want to market your horse business, what better way to get advice than in real time!


Earthegy is a seller of ancient gems and jewels.  Interesting they are also rewarding top fans for engagement.  The page uses great imaging and clever text to motivate engagement.

Earthegy show The Top Small Business Facebook Pages for 2012

Speaking of images what better platform than Pinterest to show off all those cool bracelets and necklaces?  Of course the Pinterest account is integrated into Facebook.

Pool Supply World

Talk about a traditionally boring business, Pool Supply World has over 65,000 fans!  They have integrated live chat, and coupons on their Facebook page.  They provide a host of amazing pool images across the world on their page as well.  And talk about aligning a promotion with the business, they had an underwater camera giveaway. How cool is that?

pool supply world The Top Small Business Facebook Pages for 2012

Chocolate for Breakfast

If this Facebook page doesn’t make your mouth water then you must hate chocolate.  The cover photo is great, the profile image is good and of course the clever use of chocolate items in the posts keeps people coming back and chatting things up.  I’m hungry now!

chocolate world1 The Top Small Business Facebook Pages for 2012

All of the winners had clever uses of Facebook apps.  Chocolate for Breakfast integrated the iFrame app to brand a page that entices people to sign up to get an ebook about chocolate.  I bet they have a lot of email address!

choclate for breakfast email sign up The Top Small Business Facebook Pages for 2012

These are just a few examples of excellent Facebook page management.  Always be looking for that next social tip to stay ahead of your competition.  Speaking of your competition, have you checked out your competition lately on Facebook?  You might find an idea or tip from looking at their Facebook pages.

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